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cichlid behavior worried!

I just got a cichlid last night its my first one and all it does is sit on the bottom of the tank. it doesnt swim around much at all and it doesnt come up for the flakes when i feed. is this normal? please help!

the tank has been cycling with zebra danios for 2 weeks. also at first last night the cichlid was in there with a betta but the betta kept chasing it and trying to fight it so i removed the betta. i was surprised that a cichlid would run from a betta.

30 gallon

2 Zebra Danios

1 Asian Algae Eater

1 Blue Peacock Cichlid

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your cichlid is probably stressed, can you post your water params??

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it might just be afraid from the shipping. let it be for a few days, but just in case post your water parameters please!

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what kind of cichlid is this?

what are the tankmates andthe size of the tank what are your water params?
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"cichlid" is oober broad. You have to specify what type. Or atleast describe what it looks like.
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He has a blue peacock cichlid..............or at least thats what he has listed in his signature..........If thats the fish in question, i agree, its stress........a new enviroment and being harrassed by the betta has probably done it to him.........Hopefully with the betta removed, and some time, he will start to show his true behaviour.......As others stated, knowing your water parameters, could be useful to helping your situation
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