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One as young as he is he never stays still so that's the best picture I have of him. Being all black its even harder to get a good picture anyway. His body fins and head shape and even markings are all the same as the yellow that I have as its a lions cove II electric yellow. He is very timid and the yellow doesn't like him as I got a castle for the yellow and she won't let him even look at it. My electric yellow is also very young as its not much bigger. That's why I wasn't concirned about them beeing in a ten gallon for a couple of months.
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I think you are right his pectrical fins have a slight blue coloration to them. Might his color developed later? Or do they stay the same from when there young?
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If it is a Black Eastern it will color up over time.

It is though still very young. The other possibility is that it might be a hybrid of some sort although it is impossible to tell at the moment.

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deff want to see a picture if you could some how get one to work. Interested to see what the lil guy looks like.
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I did a close inspection of him. light blue in his stripes u are right on the money. def a black eastern.
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added a couple more pictures of the ten gallon and one more of the cichlid
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Well I hace added a new Cichlid to my tank I also added a few plants to all three of my tanks. The Cichlid is a Demasoni pictures at my facebook in an above post. The plants with the cichlids are some reeds, a lilly and the other two I dont know but got them at walmart.
My molly/platy tank got a water celery plant and some pond grass. and another plant. My black eastern ciclid seems to really enjoy the lilly.
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Added several sword plants not sure what they are but pictures on my facebook. the black eastern has been very agressive twards the demsoni so i moved the demsoni in with my mollies and they are getting along fine. the demsoni is about an inch and half long and is about the same size as my black mollies which are my smallest. the two female yellow mollies kinda keep him or her in line anyway no egg spots so not sure yet.
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Are we sure it is not a Bumblebee cichlid? I have seen these with minimul stripes and have also seen them turn BLACK.

Just my thoughts about it..... I am not an expert.
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