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Question Can there be genocide in an aquarium?

I'm not wondering so much about totally different types of fish or even the different species of the same kind of fish...what I am curious about is can F1s (first generation captive) of aggressive by nature fish(cichlids in my case) be non compatible with watered down over bred yet still pure to the best of what I can tell fish? Just looks kinda like genocide by the definition just not the usual application of that word.

Here is why I ask. I have trouble in Africa right now. My tank was very happily settled(by cichlid standards). However my dominant male was not an F1 and the subdominant and even the other more dominant ones are F1s. They are all different types of Mbunas and 1 peacock and 2 Haps. My dominant yet non F1 was murdered last night. It's a shame he was pretty..murdered by the subdominant male who was a totally different type of Mbuna but an F1. When I think about what I've seen in this tank I do have to say specifically the Mbuna F1s bully the non F1s ALOT more. I have never lost an F1. I have always lost Mbunas that I can't verify their genetics 100% and are many generations captive. And the same fish bullied a newer non F1 to death the other day(thats my guess because the dead one was right by the subdominant dudes cave but no bite marks that I could see). Also my F1 red zebra has murdered a non F1 a while back.

Should I come to the conclusion that F1s have it out for "non pure" fish? Do you think they can tell the difference. It seems from my observation they can. My 2 haps are F1s and they are ignored completely... nobody cares to fight with them. The peacock may be the next to go.

Anyone want to guess at this with me or have any input?

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IME I don't think that they would know or even care if their victims were f1 , f2 , or f10's . When a stronger ,meaner fish gets ready to show who's the boss the weaker better watch out for the aggressor . Just my 2 cents worth . Good luck they are some very awesome fish.
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Thank you!
I would have agreed with that too Mbuna112.... before. And honestly I would think the more generations captive the stronger in an aquarium setting the fish would be, right? I loved the more pronounced behaviors of my F1s but would think out of the lake so soon they wouldn't have been capable of getting to be as adapted and become top dog. My Acei was the non F1 dominant and he was very strong bossy and my Rusty wasn't quite as big as him but I guess I under estimated this boy. He is so freaking dominant that his body is deep purple with a rust hue to the body and bright blue dots near his gills. But now thinking back.. their behaviors(the F1s) have always been more odd and pronounced so I guess aggression maybe falls into that as well. Guess I need to search out a new Acei and go with F1 and see how that goes.
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good luck and keep us posted .
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To further my theory. I get home today I see my smallest Mbuna bullying my last non f1 Mbuna in the tank.Even tried to lip lock but missed. My cute teeny little White Top Hara is just one inch and a relatively new tank member. I have another White top hara from the same breeder but older and also f1. The non f1 is a Cobue Afra. Not a territory battle because the others joined in when they saw the Afra try to charge back at the little Hara. They were like a gang and it honestly looks like this has NOTHING to due with territories. This may sound cruel but I'm leaving him in there to see what happens. If he is gone then all thats left is my sunshine peacock that is "not pure". Even my sweet puppydog Tumbi reef white labs chased off the Afra and they don't get aggressive ever.

Coincidence.. I think not.
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