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Can someone identify these for me please?

I got this tank about a month ago. It was mostly abandoned when someone moved out of an appt suddenly, and after the landlord went through the legal stuff, he started cleaning the guys stuff out of the place. He told me I could have it if I came to get it, so I did. It is a 60 gal tank, and after some initial breath-holding the 8 occupants seem to be doing fine and seem healthy. It was suggested by a friend that they might be cichlids of some kind, so I'll put these here hoping someone will know.
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The ones in the second picture are convict cichlids. The big brown fish in the third picture is a pleco.

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Second photo does appear to be convicts. I am fairly sure the other Cichlid is Labidochromis. Not sure about what particular Pleco photo indicated, too many different species.

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1st pic appears to be Labidochromis Caeruleus.
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1st-Labidochromis caeruleus
2nd-convict cichlids
3rd-common pleco
4th-Possibly Pseudotropheus elongatus (not my field of expertise there so take this one as a grain of salt )

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Also, fish #1 looks to be holding. Don't be alarmed if she doesn't eat for a few weeks.
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Thanks for all the replies, of course they bring up more questions...

The different species listed are not from the same areas, are they? Will this cause problems in the future?

I would assume "holding" means eggs/fry? Will the others eat them? I'm not sure how much more this tank can handle, so don't really want a population explosion.

For what its worth, #4 seems to be the boss of the tank, if there are babies will he be the daddy? Also, he sometimes does this little shaking thing that looks almost like some sort of seizure, is this normal? He is the only one that does it.

Sorry if I seem clueless about these, but my last tank several years ago was a nice peacefull community tank, and these are way different than what I'm used to.

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I agree with adk, The convicts appear to be a possible pair (male /female) and it is possible that the female will give birth. In that event,, the convicts will be quite capable of defending the nest. Once the young fry are free swimming, Some may be eaten by the other fish. This ain't necessarily a bad thing, for if not,,you will soon find too many fish(convicts). These fish may get along, if you were to remove one of the convicts. But IF they are a pair,, I would look for violent encounters each time the convicts decided to spawn. They do not tolerate anything near the nesting site. I once kept a pair of convicts with a jack dempsey and even he,, was dispatched to the far end of the tank when the convicts spawned. The pleco will no doubt catch scent of the eggs if this is in fact a breeding pair,and will pay dearly for it's intrusions should it follow the scent to it's source.IME

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