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Can someone identify this fish?

i have posted some pictures of a fish i got as an "ob peacock" but i don't think that's what it is & i have no clue of its sex. its is the happiest fish with no aggression at all.

can someone please identify my fish?

i have been researching for 4 weeks and still cant even find a picture of this fish. its all so weird!

thank you soooo much!

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looks like some species of badis. how big is it?

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Mine looks a lot like that, mine's a red zebra OB

this isn't mine just a google image search of a red zebra OB I found. That being said, yours seems to have a pointier face so I'm not sure.


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he is about 3 inches. the guy at the pet store says he is a bumblebee peacock. i guess its a cross bread of bumblebee & ob peacock. i have no clue. i have been researching this fish for weeks and still no luck. its almost as if its a new bread. well who knows. he is a really good fish. does not bite or fish. just swims around with out a care in the world and loves to eat. this fish does well with my 13 other ob peacocks and my 5 blue rams. non aggression community. i never see any fighting :)
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im not so sure he is a red zebra or badis. but good call on trying. this is a tough cookie to crack! LOL the paters on the red zebra look a lot like the ob peacock but the color is way off. is the red zebra aggressive?
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Red zebra are considered moderate aggressive as far as mbunas go. Looks to be an OB peacock to me. They can come in an array of colors.

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