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Can I tell the sex of my Kribensis Cichlid?

I have only one in my community aquarium and I'd like another. Can I tell the sex of the one I have? Will #2 get along with #1 better if they are the same sex?


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males are bigger and have spots on the top of their tail fin, where as females dont. females often display a very large purple belly especially when ready to mate.

if you post a pic of the one you have I can tell you what it is.

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Males don't always have dots on top of their tail fins.

The femsales do have a reddish/purple belly but males can have this too. Females tend to have brighter ones.

Males are usually a good bit bigger and they are slim in shape whereas females are much more rounded. Males tend to have longer fins as well.

The one at the front/bottom is a male. The one at the top/back is a female.

HTH :)

Oh, and so what do you have, male or female?

I had a male and a female before - the male bullied the female really badly. I returned him to the fish store, but it was too late and she later died of stress. I however, have had really bad luck with cichlids. Many recommend that if you are keeping any african cichlids together, like kribs, that you keep a lot, and have 2-3 females for every male. I'm not saying it wouldn't work, I'm just saying keep a very close eye on them. If your female looks like she has nipped fins, or appears stressed, it's time to return the new one unfortunately.
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Still not sure!

Here's a pic. I think he's a male b/c he's pretty slim...

I've haven't added attachments before so I hope this works...

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I can't seem to get the attachments to show up! I hit "browse" and add the pic. Then click "add attachment" then "submit" but nothing happens. Same for my avatar and other pics. Someone help?

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I think I got it now!

OK so male or female? THANKS!

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