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As was mentioned already in this thread, convicts breed worse than rabbits. While it may sound like the easy way to experience an event such as egg laying, what you're going to do with the end result should also be planned before you purchase the fish. Do you have an outlet for convict fry? Many pet stores will not take them because there are just so many out there and so little they can be housed with. Because of their aggressive nature and easy breeding habits, they are in generous supply, but the demand has decreased greatly.

There are other egg laying fish that can thrive & breed easily in a 40 gallon tank without the hassle of being stuck with 50 - 100 convicts that just continue to breed and breed and fight and breed some more. 40 gallons will not hold a pair of convicts and a full spawn of fry for very long. These fish grow rapidly. I would strongly suggest you make arrangements and know how big the fry must be for someone to take them, and invest in another tank to separate the male from female in case they fight (it is not uncommon for one to try to eat the fry while the other protects them, if this is their first spawn there is no way to know if they are good parents or not yet). The other reason you will need to separate them is because once the fry get to about an inch or so long, waste is going to build up so quickly in that size of a tank it will be near impossible to keep it under control even with daily water changes.

Honestly, convicts is not the ideal fish to spawn in a 40 gallon tank, especially when you have so many other options.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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