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Can anyone tell me what this is??

I was watching my fish today and noticed something different with one of my Electric Blues. Please forgive me I don't know much at all about fish or the right terms to use!!!! Itseems to have a very noticable bum! Check out the photo's and you will notice the white bit underneath. The other blues have a white dot which I would assume is normal but this one is sticking out slightly. Any ideas??Fish 001.jpg

Fish 006.jpg

Fish 025.jpg
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could be a its breeding tube ( i forget what its called), but it doesnt look quite right, not as tube-like as Im used to seeing, so thats just a guess

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looks almost like a symptom of bloat to me...what have you been feeding, how often? what is his activity level like?
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I am so glad that you posted that picture. I gave my grandmother some convicts and they laid eggs about 3 days ago, but yesterday we saw that they had been eaten by the parents (since there are no other fish in the tank except for a VERY small pleco).

I took pictures yesterday and this is what I saw ......

Which I think verifies that it is their "breeding tube"! I would have gotten better pictures but I had no idea what I was looking at so I took a couple and left.
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He is perfectly normal as every other day. Nothing different in behaviour.
So what does it mean, "breeding tube"??? Hahaha I have no idea about fish so you will have to teach me hehehe
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Ok heres the update!! She is not doing so well at all. I will be surprised if she is alive in the morning. We took her to the fish shop this morning and look wise she is fine. They aren't too sure what is wrong though they did say he is a she. She is laying on the bottom now breathing quite quicklyand not swimming at all. They have given me some tablets to put in the water to help with worms or flukes incase that is the problem. My other fish are obviously stressed by this as they have been hiding for the last few days and didn't even eat this morning. I will be a bit upset if I lose a fish as I have put in so much effort to make sure I do everything right. I guess we will have to wait. I will let you know what happens.
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bet its bloat. See if she has trouble moving around today..her swim bladder is probably burst.
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Hi again,
Well I have lost three fish in total now!! I went back to the fish shop with some photo's I had taken and they aren't too sure. They are leaning towards flukes at the moment but it's hard as there aren't really any visible signs. I have removed about 90% of the gravel we had as it was holding a lot of poo and uneaten food (which they said wouldn't help). I have to put another lot of antibiotics in on Tuesday but I will be surprised I have any left.

I think I am about to lose my favourite fish too. Just found him upside down but swam off when I turned him over!
I hate this part!!!

Thanks for all your help.
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Oh wow! I hope this isn't what is wrong with my grandmother's convicts too .... I haven't noticed anything like a change in their behavior ... Sorry to hear that Stap!
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Rectal prolapse. It's when parts of the bowel are pushed outside of the anus.

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