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Can anyone help me?????? Please?

I just need need help, with figuring out my tank cycle, where do i go to ask some one?
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What do you need help with? Are you cycling a new tank?
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O hello! Yes i am. I have been trying to for a while....well not much trouble yet anyways. I filled my 20 about 2 months ago, and i put two apple snails in (they are about the size of a peach pit?lol) and they have lived in it hapliy since, i feed them cucumbers (whether thats enough to bother a cycle im not sure) So about a week ago, i went and purchased a beautiful "Johanni" and he died within 24 hours (eeek) that was sad, anyways i assume it has to be one of two things either my cycle hasnt done well, or he died from shock.

I have kept cichlids before and i do understand some of the species, however they DID co exist with other very large fish in a 100 gallon (which i did not originate, it was started for me, and i was taught how to maintain it). Which i understand its much easier to maintain a large tank. So now it has been two years and i have lost a bit of the little tank touch.

So in maybe a silly act, i went and got 4 more african cichlids on sunday and put them in the tank (they are doing wonderful so far). 2 rustys and 2 cobalts - And a few guppies to see if i cant kick start it a bit.

I have not yet purchased a PH kit (also maybe another silly act) due to location of the fish store i will be visiting it on the weekend. So i guess visual clues are my biggest obsticle right now. What scares me though is there is some science that i truly dont know about it, and there are possibly some negative variables - I have snails so salt cant be an option. I have a real plant (small), and a peice of drift wood in the tank. This could really make things shakey i think, but i guess i want to understand whats happening and if i should take anything out? The gear was given to me and im not sure what all of it is, i know my pump can probably suit a 45 gallon, and there is alot of air running through, its a tetra filter, pretty big........

My tank is also next to a window with lots of sun.....(im sure a pleco can help)

Is my tank a nightmare or what? LOLOLOL
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I would go buy yourself an API liquid test kit, it will also include a ph test.

There is probable not enough bacteria built up to handle the load of 4 new fish.

The API test kit will help you determine when it is time to do a water change and how much to change out.
I try to keep both ammonia and nitrites under .25 ppm. You may need to do daily water changes for a while, to keep the toxins this low. Then the cycle will kick in and weekly water changes should be enough depending on your fish load.

Until you get that test kit, I would do daily 25-50% water changes.

The driftwood can lower ph, so you might want to remove it till you get the ph test, although a small piece should not make a drastic change.
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O wow, thank you very much......I will get one of those test kits for sure..... I am going to post them soon, so everyone can see them. I was told at the store the PH in my city is perfect to start with (I do know i still need the kit though) But i was worried about all of the potentially negative effects some things might have. I will let you know how i progress....Thank you so much....Beautiful Pic by the way.:)
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Twistersmom is a great help, especially w/ cycling...she helped me

If you have another tank perhaps you could add some gravel, decorations or mulm from your other tank to help you cycle faster and more efficiently. I took the old filter media from my established 20g and I added it to my 75g, cycle went so well that I honestly didn't believe it. I also have a heavily planted tank, which helped too. But as suggested by twistersmom, you really need to get a test kit. It's the best investment you can make (not the most fun investment, but worth it). If you have problems w/ your tank in the future and you post on a forum, people will want to help but the first questions they'll ask is what your water parameters are. IMO, ammonia and nitrite are the 2 big ones during cycling. During my cycle I checked ammonia, nitrite, ph and nitrate daily.
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Nice, thank you. i am going to get a kit ASAP. Last night i did a 25% water change and they seem happy. I may have to keep it up until i go on saturday.....Im Curious now. They told me at my local aquarium store that our city water is exactly the same PH as Lake Malawi, and that they will be ok. But iwas most concerned about the things i have added or not added for that matter.

I have been taking some pics.......just waiting fo ra perfect one to put on my profile.

You guys are awsome thank you!. Cant wait to intigrate myself more!
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Do the partial water changes as suggested by twistersmom until you get a test kit so that you can get a handle on your water parameter. You should test the PH for yourself. Sometimes what comes out of the tap and what goes on in your tank are 2 different things. My tap water is hard but I have big driftwood in my tank and a lot of plants. I think those elements have changed the ph of my tank. So yes, what you put in (even decoration-wise) can alter your ph. The only way to be certain is to test it for yourself.
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