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Cool Butterfly cichlid

Is there any ways to sex a butterfly cichlid i just brought two home today, they where two that seemed pretty friendly with one another. When i got home i looked for anything i could find to help me sex them but other then size there is nothing i can see thats different. I looked on line at one site that said theres not much difference and i was wondering if anybody might know anything about them??
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How big/old are these fish? They are much easier to sex once they are adults. As juvies its usually near impossible.

A few things to look for...
Differences in color patterns, does one have more blue in it than the other?
Dorsal fin.. while its not fool proof, most often the male will have a longer more pointed end to the dorsal fin, while the females dorsal is a bit shorter and rounded on the end.
If they are mature, watch for spawning habits to appear. Is one digging a hole while the other guards it? Do they take turns? Do they have a cave they share together?
During spawning males are known to get brighter in color, but if only the 2 fish of that species are in the tank this is not a guarantee because he would have no other males to challenge.

Its very hard to tell much from the photo because angle and the way the light hits them makes a difference when looking for color. It is possible you have a pair... it is also possible you have a dominant male with a sub male. Wish I could help more, but thats the best I can offer.

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I have one too, and from what I understand, look at the anal fin...very carefully, if you see some pink in it, I believe you to have a girl. From this knowledge I believe my Luna is a girl. The dorsal fin shape described above does apply to most rams in general, and while not that far off from being a ram, I'm not sure if it applies to butterfly cichlids...and your two look to be full grown as well.

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They are still small i'd say they are about an inch. I tryied to get a closer pic but they where being shy, they just got put in yesterday. I did see blue tint on the bigger one right around the gold ring in the front i haven't noticed it on the small one yet.
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i'll most likely have to wait till they mature a bit and keep my eye on them for something thanx.
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