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bully severums

This is a discussion on bully severums within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> in my 110g tank I had 3 green severums, and a juvie that was growing out in my 29g. After my 110 crashed I ...

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Scalare Angelfish
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bully severums

in my 110g tank I had 3 green severums, and a juvie that was growing out in my 29g. After my 110 crashed I wound up losing all of my peppered cories and all of my tiger barbs.

Since then the two biggest severums (one giant male and one smaller male, though if it had rounder fins id swear it was a female) have completely dominated the 3rd smaller severum. Also when I tried to introduce my juvie to the 110 they beat him into a corner. by some grace of god he lived but just barely. Normally they would chase, sometimes peck at each other a bit, but nothing like this in well over a year.

I was wondering, is it possible the tigerbarbs were acting as a dither fish? and if so would adding dither fish to a tank without any smaller fish help the 3rd severum?

The tank still has not fully recovered from the crash. Its getting there but Im still doing water changes constantly to keep the nitrites out of sight and the ammonia as low as possible. So I was thinking... since theyre so hardy and impose such a low bioload, would maybe a dozen zebra danios, or a half dozen giant danios do the trick?
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I would try the giant danios. The zebra danios may get eaten even though they are quick. Try to find the largest gaint danios you can. The severum I used to have immediately ate one of my Praecox rainbows when I added them to the tank. They were only about 1" at the time and Buddy was about 4-1/2 to 5".
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