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Actually it is quite common for fish to appear less colorful when the light is off. Take a good look at your fish one morning after you turn on their takes a few minutes for them to start showing their full colors. Not quite sure why that is although I remember reading up on it in a book once...
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yeah...see...those aren't the colour changes i'm referring too. i know rams are known to change their colours...not just due to stress and/or light. again, just wondering why / how...

in addition to that, i'm kinda having a moral dilemma, and i'm wondering what you lovely folks think. i know rams are to be keep in pairs at least. i get my bully ram a new friend? if i do, do you think it'd kill that one too? i leave it alone as 'punishment' for the murder?

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Rams can be kept singly. They are best in pairs because for US to look at but I have read they can be kept alone. Mine fight all the time and do the whole i am on the left side of the tank and the other is on the right. You might need more hiding places, especially with cichlids.

If you feel he is getting lonely just get another bigger peaceful fish, try a full sized dwarf gourami. They seem to get alone pretty well in my tank but again this is also depending on the personality of the fish so no promises there. If you feel the need to get another ram maybe one that is slightly bigger in size but you will have territory battles.

Gouramis are more top level swimmers anyways so they won't butt heads too much since they claim their areas of the tank. They might but heads in feeding but nothing more than a chase.

I am only a newbie also so take my advice as is but I will let you know I researched all my fish way ahead of time before I bought them and in this new tank no one has died. Scratch that I lost 3 ottos but they were too sensitive.
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