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Welcome aboard, Evva.

Try to add more plants and slates for the other to hide.:) If not, try to isolate the stronger one for a few days and let the weaker one recover and find time to establish territory. Then return the stronger one in the main tank. The weaker one should be able to defend himself.:)

Hope it helps.:)

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thanks for the welcome and thanks for the advice! i'll try that. i'll let you know if it's successful. at least one more set of questions for now though...why were they okay for 6 weeks and then started this now? shouldn't they have their territory worked out already?
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ram colour changes...and an update

unfortunately i am not able to take out the aggressive ram. i think trying to catch him will stress the injured one to the point of death. the injured one looks really bad...barely breathing and changing colour. it's become almost entirely black. what does that mean? when the head pecking first started, the one being injured went soooo pale...what did that mean? i can't find any info on the internet about reasons for rams changing colour...
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a picture will help us diagnose it much faster, do you think you can upload one?
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post #15 of 23 Old 02-09-2007, 10:35 PM
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hmmm... i don't really see how a photo would help. as i'm sure you know, rams change there colours all the time (e.g. my bully ram now has stripes that aren't so black, but more blue instead) i'm just wondering why / what the different colour changes mean. as for my injured ram, i'll try to get a picture but it's hiding pretty well today. unfortunately it looks like i just have to wait and see what happens...

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I would isolate the bully ram immediately. I have a special fish prison set up for naughty fish. Sometimes i wave it around outside the tank as a warning if I see bullying. You can leave him in prison in the same tank so he can reflect on his bad behavior. Might be better than isolating him in his own so that his tank mates can still see him.

Here's a link of what it looks like

You can do a yahoo search for fish breeder net, your LFS probably has one.

Well thats my opinion, good luck.
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the fish prison idea is something that crossed my mind. i've done something similar with a guppy before...but using a zip lock bag left in the aquarium. (don't worry...his water was changed often and he was fed.) it took being put in there twice before he totally reformed. (i.e. after the first release he was a repeat offender.) A ram is different though...wouldn't feel right leaving it in a yeah, i'll look in to the breeder. (thanks for the link!) i still want to wait a bit though. my injured ram has become much better at hiding. which is good for the recovery, but bad for pictures. i've tried to take some and either it's too dark to really see what's going on, or, i try to light it in various ways, and you can't really see what's going on in those pictures either. the injured ram does seem to be getting better though. the wound is healing a bit, and its breathing is better. i'm waiting to see a bit more strength before i go in a disturb and stress everyone. i'm also still waiting to see if anyone can educate / inform me about ram colour changes...

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My friend has 3 full grown rams with Discus. The discus are laying eggs and apparantly bit off a part of his Rams head and you can see the blood. He survived only a few more days later. I know you don't want to hear that but hopefully he makes it. I was going to take it from him but went against it but I feel bad now :(
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unfortunately, it died last night / this morning. so...i guess i'm still hoping to find out about their colour change capabilities. e.g. the dead ram is now just yellow and back red. someone's gotta know why / how...

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all my fish lose their colour wen the r stressed. my bf made a mistake once and left the light off and i didnt come back til the next night. wen i turned the light on all of the fish were sat on the bottom of the tank, and almost completely colourless
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