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Blue Ram Cichlids, eating behavior ?

I bought a pair of Blue Rams yesterday, and have a few questions about them, particularly concerning their eating habits.

My parents have 3 different tanks of various African cichlids and an Oscar, so I am somewhat familiar with the eating habits of these fish (swarming to the top of the tank as soon as the top is opened for a complete feeding frenzy). This does not, however, seem to be the case with my blue rams. I'll put the cichlid pellets in the water, and the rams ignore it. Instead, I've noticed that they've been eating the tropical flake food and my pleco's leftover algae wafer on the bottom of the tank. Is this normal for this particular cichlid, to scavenge off of the bottom of the tank, or are they just still too nervous of their new environment to come to the top for food? I know cichlids can be a little skittish, but I've never seen one root around on the gravel for food. Any input would be much appreciated.

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it might be what they were fed at the store and they are used to eating that type of food. you probably can wen them on to pellets by feeding them with the flakes and slowly cut back on the flakes. but its always good to have a variety of foods for you fish.
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and for them eating of the bottom all my fish do it even my angels they either are just curious or a little hungry
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My rams do not come up for food. Sometimes they come half way up, but most of time just eat off the bottom. You can give them some bloodworm a few times a week. They love that!
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Bloodworms and brine shrimp are usually readily eaten by rams. I would try them out to see if they like them, they should also get used to the pelllets after a while. Try different brands if you want but they will eat it eventually, even if you dont see it.

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It sounds like they aren't used to the food. Just keep trying the same food. It may take a week or two before they really start eating it. My Rams like to dig around as well, but they are usually extremely active eaters. I definitely recommend using frozen blood worms, white worms, and brine shrimp as well.
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Try looking for a sinking cichlid pellet that is appropriately sized for the rams and pre-soak it in a cup of tank water. The pellets are pretty hard and take a little time to soften up when first dropped in. Some fish don't mind that and scarf them up but softening them may make them more appealing to them.

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My rams and angels will east sinking pallets of the bottom, the rams will not go all the way to the top, I would think because i have Angels in the tank, They do love blood worms.
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Hmmm.... Mine always come to the top and get in on the feeding frenzy.They are not even adult and will take food from my fingers. I agree though, it sound like they are not use to the food. A normal thing with new fish, mine where very unsure of the brine shrimp when I first got them. Just give them a few days to settle in.

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