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Blue Ram

I have a ten gallon tank with four neons and five zebra danios. I would be so happy if i could fit a ram in there? Or am i just dreaming thanks

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Rams are great fish but you should keep dreaming until you can get a larger tank. Your 10G is nearly at its limits as far as stocking. You could easily get another neon or danio. My opinion is a ram should have at least a 20G...but that's just my opinion.

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Thats what i was thinking anyway. I think ill stick to danios. even though they are very common, they have to be one of my favorite fish. Thanks

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I've also got Danios, and while they may not be my favorite fish they are certainly entertaining. I have one that schools with my barbs. They are crazy little fish.

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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yea i think rams should have at least 15-20 gallons...they are gorgeous, just got 2 yesterday. As for the danios, they are most definately entertaining. We have some on display at the pet shop I work at and they like to swim through my fingers like a circus act. They aren't afraid of me at all!

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Rams in a 10 Gal.

I keep Rams in a 10 gal. But only a pair and only for breeding..

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