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I don't know if I like them or not...but I have no problem with them.

I do have a problem with dyed fish though - but that's a separate issue.

Blood parrots eat quite well...the mouth 'deformity' doesn't seem to affect getting nourishment.

The spinal 'deformity' doesn't slow them down either...they swim just fine...

They're long-lived and from all accounts...personable...

And so what that they're hybrids? That's actually a good thing...they can't reproduce on their own. They're like mules. As long as they're being sold as pets I don't see an issue. I prefer the breeding of pet fish to the capture of pet fish from the wild...that's what we should be more concerned about.

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Originally Posted by carpy
it cant be a natural colour, because they arent natural fish.
i know this. that they arent natural fish. but i was more referring to the coloring being closer to the parent fish.

a majority of people seem to "Hate" this fish.

now for my personal opinion: i do not believe in the dying of fish. i think that it is a travesty to the fish and hobby.

but here is a problem i see with the logic of many arguments that ive read. many people are dead against the dying of fish. so they hate the fish. last i checked a fish cannot hold a needle and dye itself. dont hate the fish, as hideous as they may be when dyed, hate the people who brought that type of deal to market.

what is the big deal with them being a 'hybrid'? i think its kinda sad to hate a fish for something such as this. they are fascinating fish to watch. very playful and amusing.

BTW - RUE, well put.

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i cant speak for anyone else obviously but i think that when people say they hate the fish, they mean that they hate that the fish has been so unfortunate as to have been created. this is my opinion as for the dyed fish, parrots on their own (undyed) i know very little about so cant say what i think of them.

like i said i know little about them but if its true that they are being bred to have deformities and not be able to function properly then the issue is again not with the fish - the fish may be lovely. but by buying them you are "encouraging" the trade.

with dyed fish it is the same. no, the cannot pick up a needle and dye themselves, but buying them, though it is not their fault, only enables more fish to suffer the same ordeal. it is just such a shame that this has happened to these fish, and such a shame that there is no long term solution for these individuals as buying them and caring for them will only make it wore long term, and not buying and caring for them leaves them in pet stores that likely dont care about them, otherwise they wouldnt be selling dyed fish in the first place
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i was given one a while back a first gen fish(origonal crossbreed not 2 "blood parrots") i wasn't to taken with it to start they do have a personality but this could easily be the character of its parent fish it had to go in the end it was just so unbeliveibly destructive my favorite aquatic center(maidenhead aquatics) wont stock them and in fact wont even stock some of the odd goldfish strains

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Originally Posted by juliewiegand
with dyed fish it is the same. no, the cannot pick up a needle and dye themselves, but buying them, though it is not their fault, only enables more fish to suffer the same ordeal.
Promoting the business of dyeing more like.

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