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Originally Posted by lioness501
is it best to get a pair or would it b ok to get 2 females? or males? then they wouldnt b as aggressive right?
Either way(exactly a pair or an irregular balance number of males and females), both genders still will rival each other to dominance and will even bicker with other fish.
the guy at the lfs said no way they can b in a community tank
They can be kept in a community tank provided they have enough hiding places to spawn in and for the other fish to hide, should the apistos try to harass them while defending their fry and territory.

There are other cichlids worse than rams and apistos. I wouldn't even try the kribs when they are on spawning conditions unless you have a spare tank in which they will be able to breed without having received a hospital tank full of injured fish. Kribs are eager to breed and once they do, mayhem is unleashed as the kribs try to diligently protect their fry. Who would want convicts in their tank full of fully-abled fish who can easily defend themselves but not when the convicts constantly try to attack in vain to protect their fry and even extend their boundaries for the fry to find food around the tank? What about large angelfish with neon tetras and glowlight tetras? Of course not.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the info lupin, i think im gonna try it out, see how it works, if not i can rehome them cant i?!!!
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