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Anyone have experience keeping Maingano?

Hi all, I've been offered a group of 6 of these guys about 7-9cm. Don't know much about them and what I have read seems to differ in terms of aggression levels. What is your experience with them? Currently I only have one similar looking fish, a male metriaclima msobo. They would be in a 115gal. Any advice would be appreciated as if these guys are really aggressive I don't think I'll take them.
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The males are extremely aggressive and will fight to the death if any other males are present.

If the group you are getting is 1 male to 5 female then in that size tank it COULD work. Any more males though and there will be a lot of aggression.

Msobo are aggressive in their nature and it might be too much adding these fish as the coloration is too close in my opinion. Personally I would not risk as WW3 could start very quickly and lead to dead fish.

what other fish apart from the msobo do you have currently?

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Hmmm I was worried about that!! They're gorgeous looking but I don't want them to terrorize and the group is unsexed. This is approx what I currently have:

7 x astatotilapia lat (zebra obliquens) (2f5m)
2 x yellow lab (1m1f)
3 x acei (sex unknown but never spawned)
6 x pundamilia nereri (mostly male I think)
3 x metriaclima msobo (1 male 2 female)
2 x copadochromis azureus (1m)
3 x albino red cheek tropheops (juvies)
2 x placidochromis Electra (juvies)
6 x lab chisumulae (2 male 4 female)
3 x Afra (1m 2f)
1 x labidchromis sp. mbamba (male)

I'm trying to get the m/f ratios right, I've sold off some excess males but it's really hard to get some of them in my area especially msobo, and I have the worst luck with the electric yellows I did have 6 they all died except for the 2 I have left who are breeding steadily and I have about 20 juvies in a growout tank at the moment. Alot I have to order online and you can't specify if u want m/f and I seem to get mostly males. I also need to ditch some I think coz I'll end up overcrowded. Suggestions for final stocking?
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I'm also interested in haplochromis sp.44 and P.salousi
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