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Angels and Rams together?

So I am still tossing up what to do with my new 29g, i have it almost ready to go, (still waiting on a heater, my driftwood, and I have to order my plants before it gets too cold to ship)

As much as I would love to do a rainbow community, I am not sure if I will be able to find the ones I want.. (3 turqouise, 3 Iranian red and 3 praecox) plus dwarf cories and a school of von rio tetras..

So as a fall back I am thinking of doing an angel/bolivian ram combo, I have not ever kept the 2 together though, and I am not sure if they are compatible? Has anyone ever tried this mix? or are the rams going to nip at the angels to much?
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You could do a pair of bolivians in that tank. If the start to breed though you may have some problems with aggression. Angels get really big so i wouldn't recommend them for your tank. I would suggest a school of tetras! if you havent added any decorations id recommend live plants like anubias.

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Yes I am doing a planted tank already (hence, why I have to order them before it gets too cold)

I was not going to do several angels, I was thinking a single large one as a centerpeice fish, with maybe a trio of the bolivians.. I have kept both species before, just never in the same tank, but considering they are both SA low agression cichlids, I thought it may be worth a try.

Plus a groups of cories and a school of von rio tetras, for either the angel or rainbow tank. (should have clarified that in the original post)
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Angels grow to be about seven inches in length and about nine in height. I dont think it's a good idea unless you plan on getting a bigger tank in a couple of months.

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plus the mix wouldn't work. They would kill each other.

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Just to throw out there a 29g is way to small for turquoise or iranian red rainbows I'm looking into getting rainbows right now and both of those are on my list, it looks like a 75g is recommended and some say you might can get by with a 55g not ideal though. The praecox would work, there are some on aquabid right now. They are all schooling fish with a minimum of 6 recommended.

You could have one bolivian ram but I would not have more than that in a 29g.
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Agree. You 29g is not very large (to the fish). Angels are shoaling fish and should be in a group in a 4-foot tank minimum; a pair for breeding in a 30g on their own, but not otherwise. Rainbows need a group and with their size and active swimming need 4 feet for the several mentioned species; threadfins will do well in a 29g, or a group of praecox. Bolivian Ram should be kept singly, one fish, unless you have a larger tank. And in a 4-foot or larger tank, yes, angels and Rams would manage together, but not in the confines of a 29g.

We have fish profiles, and all mentioned species are included. Second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top. Please have a read, the minimum tank sizes, minumum number for groups, compatibility, etc are all included.


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think i changed my mind again... I do love the threadfins, but I am just not going to be able to find them where I am at, and do not have a full day to search for specialty fish stores in Denver (it is a very big city and hard to drive around!) plus My budget is limited, I cannot afford to drop 50$ for a few fish.

I do not want a bunch of little fish, maybe one school (I am still set on the von rio tetras) And one centerpiece fish.. and something for the bottom, I like cories, but can live without them, hubby wants some kind of odd looking fish but I am not so into oddballs lol.

Gouramis are out, air breathers do not do well at my altitude (i have tried) I think i have the one betta who is an exception (have had 3 others die on me all within a few weeks of bringing them home) This one is on almost 3 months and is doing great....
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Dude i go to school in boulder and just filled my tank with thread fins! i found a store that had a sale 3 for $12!

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what store did you go to? I am up past Silverthorne so it is quite a drive especially the tunnel (crazy elevation!) If i have some store names i can put them on the gps so I am not driving randomly around denver... btw not a dude :) just to clarify
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