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Angels keep dying--help

Hello! Newbie to the site but not to aquariums, so this has become very frustrating for me. I was given a 55 gal tank, I cleaned it and got it all set up things were running great all levels were good...Took my 3 angelfish that I had in a 20 gal/long(seemed to be getting too big for the 20gal, about the size of my palm) and placed them in the 55 and they did ok for a little while but died, each about a week apart form each other. Checked ammonia/nitrate levels daily and all was good. Gave it about 2 weeks and put 3 more new (small) ones in...they die one by one. Ok so I wait a few months, find a different store to buy them from and place 3 more in...once again they are all dead!! What could possibly be going on? All the other fish in the tank are just fine...O ppm ammonia and 10 ppm nitrates...HELP PLEASE!! I love angel fish and can't seem to keep them alive in the 55gal... Thanks!!
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what signs did the fish show you before dying?? you dint say so it could be a lot of ? in people heads coz fish just don't die if they are health

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That's just part of my frustration...they were acting just fine. Swimming around together and eating just fine...they weren't hanging out at the top for O2 or sitting at the bottom... I did a pH test last night and it was a little high for angels, they like 6.5-6.8, mine is 7.5ish but would that really cause me to lose 9 angels total?!? My other fish are all looking that they like the pH at about 7.0 if I put some pH DOWN in the water so the angels will be happy will it mess up the other fish?
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Heather, what are the other fish in the tank (species and number of each please)?

Do not use pH down or anything similar. The pH of the water is due to several factors, one of which is the hardness. The degree of KH (carbonate hardness) acts as a buffer to maintain a stable pH, and attempts to alter the pH will be temporary and then the buffering returns it to what it was. This continual fluctuating pH is more stressful on fish than a stable pH even if slightly outside the range. Do you happen to know the hardness (GH and KH) of your tap water (assuming that is your source water)?

I'd like to know the above before commenting further.


P.S. As this is a different topic from Freddy's original, I'm going to start a new thread for you.

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Angels of Death.....

Sounds like a case of chemical imbalance. If the other fish are air breathers then I rest my case.

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