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if it gets better after the water change,is there something in the tank leeching poison
gradually into the water which builds up,then is weakened by the water change.
is bamboo aqauria safe ?
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Are you saying the fish look stressed the day of a water change and start looking better a few days latter?

If so, you should test your tap water ph and compare it to the tank water. If the ph from the tap is much higher or lower than the tank water, the changes in ph from the water change could be throwing them into shock. Let us know if there is much of a difference in the ph levels. Then we will need to decide what is in the tank, that is causing the ph to shift.
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The others have excellent suggestions of possible issues to look into but I want to add something that some people may overlook but should be more obvious.

When you do a water change, do you add Prime or some type of tap water conditioner (if you're using city water) to the fresh water? I ask this because when I was new in the hobby I used to remove water, add fresh water, and THEN add the tap water conditioner into the tank! I learned that was a huge NO NO. If you're conditioning your water make sure you put the conditioner into the bucket of fresh water, not into the tank. I nearly killed an entire tank of fish once because I did a big pwc and I added the clean water without conditioner (I used to put the conditioner into the tank after I added the water). One fish rolled over and floated to the top dead within 30 seconds of me adding the water. Some were gasping at the bottom and laying on their sides and others were at the top gasping. That was a night I'll never forget!!!
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many thanks to twistersmom and artgalnj.....i added an air faux rock formation was already set up with an airstone (duh!) so this is not only a healthy addition, but a lovely one was well...after reading some other messages, i also bought a thermometer for in the tank as opposed to the strip outside. i think my water was too warm - i set it up a couple of degrees when the trouble first started when i thought i had an infection going.....brought down the temp a couple of degrees, slowly, the bubbles are bubbling and everyone is back to normal. when i was doing the pwc i always filled the tank up and i now realize that cuts down on the water circulation. thank you to everyone who posts here....sorry for my one lost soldier, but everyone else is recovering and is much safer now. can't thank everyone enough.
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great to hear you are all sorted,now you can get back
to enjoying your aquarium.
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