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angelfish + plants

just wondering if anyone with a planted tank has observed any particular behaviours in your angelfish toward the plants? like, chewing, uprooting, etc?

i just recently added the first live plants ever to my tank, and my angels seem to enjoy "chewing" or "tearing" them.

just wondering what anyone else's observations have been. THanks!

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hmmm well in my tank all i have are plastic plants but sid does enjoy nibbling on them anyways but in my dads tank with live plants havent ever seen that so idk maybe ur angel is jsut silly or enjoys her greens??

is it odd for a fish keeper to eat fish sticks??!!!
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i know you posted this a little while ago,but i hadn't seen it.
i have tall Vallis in my tank with two koi angels,and i have not seen them
do anything like that ,the only time they go near the Vallis
it to pick little paticals off the leaves,they have never done any
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I have a mix of plastic, silk and live (anubias) in my tank. The angels like to pick at the algae on the leaves but haven't done any damage to them.

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