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Talking Angelfish may breed soon

Fingers crossed! I saw two of my angels swimming together on one side of the tank today, so I'm being optimistic about them pairing off soon. I hope they do! I've lost two out of six angels, and I think only three of the four I have left are capable of breeding. The fourth one is a runt, with oversized eyes. Actually just dilated pupils. It's so cute to see it swimming across the tank to look at you! Its fins are a little messed up, they're more vertically pointing than I think they should be, so when it swims it wiggles back and forth, like one of those weiner dogs trying to keep up with a jogger (if you've ever seen that).

RIP fire eel
why did you think it was a good idea to keep going over the top of the tank
when you realized you couldn't breathe outside water?
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good luck

the types fish that i have r?
mollies 4 normal 1 sailfin
platies 4
guppies lots
swordtails 8 normal 1 bouble swordtail
bristle nose catfish-5 albino 5 normal
white clouds
2 albino and 1 bronze corydoras
Zebra danios 4 normal 1spotted 1 albino longfin
1 Betta red/blue/purple
bristle nose fry
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