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Angelfish Fin normal?

I got an angelfish, he/she is a small little fish. I've noticed that his anal fin isn't pointed, instead flat on the end. All the ones I see in the stores have pointed ends. It's only the anal fin not the dorsel fin

I thought maybe the angel was getting fin nipped, but i've watched constantly and while some tend to go up to him, they just swim away without a nip.

I've noticed he likes to go into the fake rock deco I have in the tank, i don't know if he is injuring himself going into it. he dissapears into there a lot and for long periods of times. Whatever..he likes it I guess. He always comes out and eats.
Any ideas. Maybe this is normal.

The other fish are:
2 White Tetra, 2 Black Phantom Tetra, 2 rainbowfish, and 2 swordtails (as a side note i was thinking of getting like 3 ghostshrimp or red cherry shrimps) the only ones I ever see that likes to be near the Angel and go up to him, do nothing and swim away is the White Tetra (but i've watched closely and they always just swim away).
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Could be a birth defect. Does the fin look nipped? Can you post a pic?
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Originally Posted by jeaninel View Post
Could be a birth defect. Does the fin look nipped? Can you post a pic?
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These are best I could get at the moment. The line is so straight I don't think it is nipped...
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he likes to hang out in the corner of the tank for the most part, by the filter at the top or by the heater at the top.

but he also likes swimming around, he'll come to the front and swim up and down and around. i've caught him a few times swimming up and down in the bubble wall i have in the back, which to me looks like he is playing. so he seems pretty active and i've seen him swim right up to all of the other fish. he also likes to stay in the cave a lot of the time, don't know what he's doing, as i can't see him in there, but he comes out.

the only two fish i don't really ever see near him is the two black phantom tetras, but they seem to like to hide in the bottom of the tank in the corner or behind the big rock deco i have, so they don't seem to bother anyone and be pretty much to themselves.

i wonder if it's possible he got fin nipped when i first put him in and they stopped.
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