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Angel tank mates

I want to set up my 55 gallon tank for angels.... how many can I keep in a 55 and what are some tank mates.
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I have 5 juvenile angels (8 months old) 5 cory's, 20 cardinal tetras, and 3 rosy barbs. My tank is full, and everyone is happy.

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cories would be great. i have two with cories in my tank, and zebra danios and a pleco and two swordtails, though i think my tank is sorta tight. check out the Scalare Angelfish profile, it has some great ideas.

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Regular or giant danios..... ?
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regular. and i dont think they're good tank mates no.

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by regular i mean zebra danios. i think the tetras, like sherry mentioned, might be a good choice since they're pretty good sized

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As it mentions in our profile, tankmates for angels (and by the way you can do 4, 5 or 6 angels in a 4-foot 55g, but remember that one or more pairs will almost certainly form, and this can get tricky) should be quieter shoaling fish. For this reason, danio and barbs are not recommended. Medium/larger Rasbora work, as do some of the tetra. Avoid linear fish as these can easily be eaten when the angels are mature. The rounded disk-shaped tetra like the Rosy Tetra, Roberts Tetra, and some others in the Hyphessobrycon genus tend to work well. Just avoid those that fin nip. Many of these are in our profiles.

Any of the corys are fine, in largish groups of say 9-12, which can be all one species, or more than one with minimum 3 of a species if you can. Some of the corys chum around within the species more than others, so it is good to give them at least a trio of their own.

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Drum roll please

Ok starting with about 12 Cory's. A total of 15 tetras made up of 6 bleeding hearts 6 rosey and 3 diamonds.... Then five angels as they grow I understand if breeding is to rough I will end up with just the pair ... How does it sound???
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i'd bump up your diamond shoal too, but that's just me. other than that it sounds great!!! waht cories are you doing?

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Ok, 6 diamonds.. making 6 of each three... 18 tetras... the 4 or 5 angels witch will eventually (hopfully not but most likely) be reduced to 2 (a pair) ANd corys... Theres not many available in my area. We have a darker one with spots and coloration like a pleco... bronze and albinos so a mix of them
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