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Angel fish at war

I have a 30g tank with 3 angels, 4 cherry barbs, 2 zebra danios and 2 flying fox. I have had all of my fish in there with no changes for 4 months or so (tank has been going nearly a year) but in the last couple of weeks 2 of my angels have started to attack one. The biggest and the smallest seem to have grouped together and constantly nip the one medium size fish who spends most of the time hiding. My tank is heavily planted and I can't fit any more plants in there. The fish all seem to be eating okay. I have talked to the lfs who said they would take one back if i want them to, but i'm not sure what to do - any advice? If I do take one back, should it be the poor medium size one who has never shown any aggression? or the largest one who is doing all of the nipping? If I get rid of the aggressive largest one, who is to say that the small and the medium one will hang out together or will start to attack each other.
Not sure what to do
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the biggest and smallest probably mated (asuming their boy and girl) and turned on the other one.

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Angel fish

Yes, I guess that the big and small have mated, but don't see any fry around.

Do you think that the large angel fish and the medium angel fish would leave each other alone if I took the small one back to the lfs (presuming that the small one is a female)? I wasn't really looking to breed them, and am unsure as to whether the small and large would continue to get on well with each other if i take the medium away.
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i would return the medium-sized one too. if the other two do produce fry that actually survive, you can take them to your lfs and maybe get a few bucks out of them.
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