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Angel Fish

It's been a while....but I'm back!! :D

I have an idea of what your answers are going to be but I'm being optimistic haha

A few months back I was in my LFS and saw these gorgeous angelfish; they must have been babies cause they were tiny but they've been playing on my mind ever since.............sooooo I have a 2ft tank and was wondering whether one of these would be able to live long term with a few platys?

Thanks :0

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Welcome back Angels do better when they are kept in a group of five or more. The minimum tank requirement would be a 55 gallon. Unfortunately they would not work in the tank you have now. Maybe it is time for another tank
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I have 2 angelfish ( only measuring 1-2inches) sharing a 2foot tank with 5 platys and everybody gets along fine, although now I've decided as the angels are growing fairly quickly they do need more space and more of their own kind so I am now in the process of setting up a new tank especially for my Angels so I can increase my group to
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Agree with everything everyone said. Although I did keep a single angelfish for years with some tetras. But it was larger than a 2ft tank.

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maybe get 2 and only a few platys, that would work but u might have to upgrade the tank in the future :):):).....good luck :):):)

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