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alternative to baby brine?

I have some angelfish and would ove to breed them. All I keep seeing is that you must feed the fry freshly hatched brine shrimp the first week or so. Is there an alternative to this?

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I use first bites, idk if it's the best (i think it's basically crushed flakes but theyre REALLY tiny). It's made for newborn fish, I'm sure people recommend a lot of different stuff but I've had luck with this stuff, although I am more experienced with livebearers than egg layers.
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Great information on breeding Angelfish.

Angelfish Spawning and Breeding - Tropical Fish Forums

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i suplemented my krib fry with varous frozen foods(my bb shrimp were not a great sucsess) by putting them in a pestle and mortar and smashing them down to liquid which i them introduced to the fry with a syringe attached to a length of airline

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what kinds of frozen foods do you use? I only have brine shrimp (I think it's all the lfs has), I can only get most stuff freeze dried. If I added a couple drops of water water to my freeze dried food could I use it the same way?
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i used a food called "ciclid feast" which had all manner of things in it including brine shrimp,whiteworms,bloodworms,daphnia,mysis etc

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