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Are all angels agressive? If so, then what?

I know that they are cichlids, but after reading a few threads about angels I have to ask if they are all aggressive.. I currently have 4 quarter-ish size ones in my 55 gallon and can return them now rather than later if this is what I have to look forward to..

And so, if I do return them now, what can I put in my 55 gallon that will take up the the upper part of the tank and not get lost? Otherwise I'm going to wind up with a tank full of cory cats and a pleco... peaceful bottom dwellers! I had zebra danios.. like 10 of them and they were too fast and busy so much so that the other fish were scared and didn't come out. So we returned them and got cherry barbs. They were cool for a while, then the males became sexually mature and were driving the females crazy ALL the time and had the other fish intimidated again.. So we returned all the males and just have 6 females now.. They are all calm and sedate, and everyone else in the tank seems happier.. ie, I see them now and they don't hide..


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Angels are peaceful fish really not that aggresive I had a extreamly aggresive angel but that was because she was pairing off with another angel so thats typical behavior the other angels in my 75gallon tank get along fine with all the fish in there I got Columbian tetra's a blood parrot chilid plecos catfish giant danios Ill be getting a german ram today... If they are getting aggresive what helps is to rearange the fish tank they can be teritoal and moving things around will ease that a bit I noticed.. But I wouldn't keep returning your fish and buying its stressful on the fish just do some research on the fish you would like to get before pursching them... and if they sound like they would work with your set up then go for it :).

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ginagv (01-28-2011)
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Angelfish have a bad reputation of being aggressive (as they often are). They can often live with other fish, but it depends on the fish. They are cichlids, but there are several cichlids that do moderately well with other fish. Mainly South American setups w/ SA cichlids. Rams (not at the same time), apistogramma, angelfish, etc, all do somewhat well to a degree. Have to be careful about them, though.

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They are peaceful fish IMO. Will eat shrimp and fry if they can swallow them. I keep a pair in a 55 gallon community and they breed and guard their eggs in there. The only aggression is seldom and between the two.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Gina, you will find the answer in our profile of this fish, Pterophyllum scalare, click on the shaded name to go there.

Angels live in groups naturally and they have a strong social structure. Kept in groups of 5+ this is usually not a problem as it is "nature taking its course" and the aggression of dominant males is spread out, but in smaller groups or in too small an environment terrible aggression is often the result, ending in one or more dead fish. The other threads on this issue bear this out too well.

A breeding pair such as Mikaila mentioned is a very different thing. But adding another angel in to that tank would create havoc in most cases, as is explained in our profile.


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