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Algae Problem

This is a discussion on Algae Problem within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> CAE is a very bad choice to keep with cichlids (assuming you mean your 125g cichlid tank?) Nitrate level is well within acceptable range. ...

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CAE is a very bad choice to keep with cichlids (assuming you mean your 125g cichlid tank?)

Nitrate level is well within acceptable range. I have green algae in my tanks but not problematic, changing the filter media will not do very much to help it and shouldnt be done regularly as you will send the tank into a mini cycle.

As Byron mentioned, perhaps a picture to identify the type of algae would help us offer solutions better.
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Well shoot, I just cleaned it all up yestereday. Mixed the gravel really well so the layer algae is gone and I wiped the glass clean. I probably wipe the glass ever three days or so just because i am so anal about kepeing a clean tank. Should be able to take a picture next weekend. It usually comes back within a week or so.
As for the "mini cycle" I was thinking it should cause a cycle becuse I will be keeping the bottom tray filled with the ceramic rings that are already established with bacteria. I will be replacing the filter floss on the second tray with Bio max to help create more good bacteria. in a couple weeks once the new bio max is good to go I will then discard the Chemi pure and go with purigen as to not change too much at once, well this is my theory and plan anyway...
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The photo next week will allow us to determine if this is some sort of problem or not. But from the info so far, I would suggest that it may not be problematic but normal and perfectly natural.

In the presence of any light, algae will appear if nutrients are present which of course in a fish tank with no live plants they will be. So expect algae, which is not normally a bad thing. In fact, it is good. Algae performs much the same role as live plants, only to a lesser degree; and that is taking up nutrients like nitrogen (as ammonia/nitrite/nitrate) and CO2 and producing oxygen by a photosynthetic process similar to the photosynthesis of plants.

The only real detriment of algae is in a planted tank where it can cover the leaves and suffocate the plant.

You don't mention which cichlids, but many of them will appreciate algae mats to graze for aufwuchs and the algae itself. This can be a nutritional part of their diet. Keeping the front glass clean is fairly easy during the regular water changes.

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