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african stocking suggestions!

This is a discussion on african stocking suggestions! within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Ok, so i am looking at a few species and would like suggestions on quantities. Remember, water wise, they will be in approx. 100G ...

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Lyretail Checkerboard Cichlid
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african stocking suggestions!
Old 01-24-2010, 06:53 PM   #11
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Ok, so i am looking at a few species and would like suggestions on quantities. Remember, water wise, they will be in approx. 100G however, the main tank, and only one to hold fish most of the time, is only 75 gallon.
Blue Dolphin
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I would do 3 of each or a pair of each an one more breed
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Old 01-25-2010, 09:06 AM   #13
I would go with one of the lesser two lakes personally, but then I go against the flow and as a tropheus breeder I am biased. There are some really cool species in all three lakes(well used to be, Victoria is kinda empty of cichlids these days :( ). If you get peacocks, only get a couple males like two, only the dominant ones will color up to their fullest and in that size tank, hopefully one will go in one end of the tank and the other in the other end. Inkspot Calvus is a beautiful fish from Tang and will go well with whatever because most likely no one will notice him and he is very distinctive in appearance. There are some gorgeous Obliquidens(sp) from Victoria you should be able to get cheaply as they breed so easy it isnt funny. Ahli's are another awesome fish to see as an adult and healthy, bright shiny blue. Frontosa's are one of the coolest fish out there, get a baby, and get one from a breeder, not pet smart. There are different varieties of them. Go for a Ziare Blue Frontosa and you wont be disappointed. All of these I have listed are very pretty "community" fish, (as close as can be said for African cichlids, and I have mixed all of them with trash tropical fish with no problems as well). Stay away from Mbunas(they are mean suckers), OB peacocks(also mean suckers), Tropheus(need a tank to themselves for aggression and dietary reasons). Shell dwellers are pretty cool for the lower tank as well, maybe not as pretty, but very interesting fish and likely you will have shells in there anyway since its a cichlid tank. Compressops, I have had with no issues at all, but I have heard varying tales from "they". Its basically a cool silver freshwater barracuda but wont eat anything that wont fit in its mouth in my experience. They call them eye biters but no one I know has ever seen this behavior or knows anyone who has and I have been doing cichilds for years. Another case of "they" said in my opinion. Dont buy your cichlids at petsmart or petco, the big boxes typically get the trash fish after the breeders have sent the choice fish to private pet stores.
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