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African cichlid behaviour

Ive got a 100gal tank with mixed Africans, I've been wondering about some of their behaviors. I've seen the spawning behaviour where the male shimmies/vibrates in front of the female, but there is another behaviour I see often, I think it is aggressive but wanted some advice coz I'm pretty new to Africans! This involves 2 fish, where one will sort of 'float' sideways infront of the other with all it's fins extended and gills flared. I've seen this between males but mostly in the metriaclima msobo which I assume are all female as they are about 3-4 inches and all still yellow/orange. There's not usually an chasing just the floating thing. Is this like a dominance type of thing? Thanks guys!
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It is Dominance... I have a Red Fin Boreli Kandango in my 75g tank who does it all the time..thinks he is tank boss until my Rusty Male appears from his cave.

Unless there is lip locking associated with it, nothing to worry about really.

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Haha ok thanks. Never seen lip locking in my Africans but all the time in my Americans!
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