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Its ok and yea my tank is doing real well i changed alot i got reef rock and stacked them on left and right side and added 3 more clown loaches and a royal pleco!!!
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And if you want to see a video go to my aquarium and there is a vid..
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Sorry slick, 30 gallons isnt big enough for any of those fish.
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Originally Posted by Grimmjow View Post
Sorry slick, 30 gallons isnt big enough for any of those fish.
i agree 1000% do some RESEARCH before getting fish....your clown loaches will get around 10 - 14 inch and the royal pleco will get 18 inch.
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yea in like 4 or 5 year duhhhhhhhh
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and dont call me slick
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I agree with everyone in this thread. You don't have room for those fish.

You think that your fish are doing "fine." You are devastatingly incorrect. If fish are kept in an environment that is too small for them, their growth will be stunted. Meaning, their bodies will quit growing. However, their internal organs won't.

Imagine that for a moment. Your stomach, heart, kidneys, etc growing larger and larger while your body cavity isn't. The organs just keep growing, pressing harder and harder against each other and the walls of the cavity. Kinda gives new meaning to the word pain, don't you think?

The people on here are all caring and experienced fishkeepers. No one is trying to be mean by telling you that your fish are wrong for your tank. It is a common mistake that I think most new fishkeepers make. We are telling you that so that you will have a happy, healthy, and beautiful aquatic environment that you can enjoy for many many years. Do yourself a favor, and open your mind. Your fish will greatly appreciate it.

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.

Benjamin Franklin

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Sorry champ, people tried to tell you and you blew them off so I felt you need to be told again.
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