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Question african butterfly fish?

hi ive been resarching the african butterfly fish and ive seen that the minunm tank size should be any where from 10 gallons to 30 gallons depending on the site. i have an extra ten in the garage and was wondering if i could have one in there?
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The African butterfly fish, Pantodon buchholzi, is an interesting fish; I had a pair for several years quite a while back, in a 15g and then a 20g. They are not particularly active, but do appreciate floating plants and warm water. The tank must have a cover with no extra openings around filter, heater, since they will jump; they "glide" above the surface and there is some evidence that they "beat" their pectoral fins much in the manner of the SA hatchetfish.

I would recomend a longer tank that a 10g, and a pair (males and females can be sexed fairly easily by the anal fin). They will be more relaxed than one fish alone. The tank need not be very deep, so a 15 or 20g long is fine. They usually attain 4+ inches in a suitable aquarium; floating plants, and some twigs reaching just above the surface help to keep them calm. Small live crickets are an excellent food, along with worms, insects, prepared pellet-type foods that float. They will readily snap up any small fish that come to the surface from below, in case you're thinking of tankmates.


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i had one, killed itself by jumping through a centimeter gap in the hood found it on the floor, lovely fish.... wouldnt take the risk again though
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Had one back in the day, just as above it took a dive and found it that night dry on the floor

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
Bloat who is a Fahaka puffer
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Butterfly fish

It's true..beautiful an interesting a VERY GOOD JUMPERS....not fun to find them on the floor dried out.....need a very tight lid...good luck
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