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Originally Posted by rsskylight04 View Post
I agreee.
In my experience south american cichlids will be most aggressive to fish that they see as a threat. New fish with similar body shape and size will fight most and smaller or very different fish will often be left alone. Of course this all depends on the individual personality of the fish in question.
That makes sense, but does it really work with most? I can see why aggressors would go for fish of similar size to remove a threat...however, most territorial creatures will remove youngsters to get rid of future threats to territory and food sources.

Ah, angels. They're so pretty. =( One of these days I have to get myself a trio or something. I have livebearers in my 55 now though, I don't think that'd work out. xD

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That's how i've always stocked angelfish that were not added to the tank at the same time, and it's always worked out for me. Of course, what works for one may not work for all. But that has always worked for me and i continue to stick with that logic.

As an angel grows older it may challenge the older more dominant angel in the tank, but same can be said for any angelfish in the tank regardless of size. Any pecking order is always subject to change at any given time as far as i see.

Personally, i have never had an angelfish try to pick off a smaller angelfish to disarm any threats down the road.
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Originally Posted by pop View Post
You pointed out that angel fish mark territory by objects is this a common practice with most fish in the aquarium? Will spatial location also be a factor in defining territory and will water movement as well as such things as temp and amount of light also effect territory definition?

TFK is rendering correctly today what went wrong!? oh i forgot that I updated the browser.
Hard to say, seeing as there are so many species out there, and only so much time in a lifetime to try different species & get familiar with them. I've done some species of NW cichlids besides angels, apistos & such, cons when I got a pair for a buck, it is pretty common with cichilds from what I've encountered. I don't know if African cichlids are similar in any way, corys could care less about territory. Male plecs can be as nasty as any ciclid, they go more off of the location of a cave or hole they claim as their own, and could care less about anything in between. I'm sure I'm forgetting some species, livebearers & such which really don't get territorial from what I've seen, it's a lot of fish over a lot of years to try to remember!

Spatial location is a strange one, most often it seems to be a certain distance form the area claimed as territory, so in many ways it would be an arc or cone extending from a planned spawning site. All the time, pairs will chose a spawning site where there is some water movement, usually the intake tube of a filter, thanks fish! I don't think the water motion, or lack thereof contributes to territory as much as they find that area the best site to spawn, don't have to fan the eggs as much.

It's real hard to keep one end of a tank cooler, one warmer while still providing decent filtration, never tried that but it is an interesting thought. I don't know if light plays into territory either, though I have noticed they do like to spawn where there is a bit of ambient light at night, easier to keep an eye on the eggs I suppose.
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