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The male will have a egg spot or spots on its anal fin the females wont. How many total? You would be ok But like fish said with the water changes you not want to touch the gravel or sand for awhile. Im sure he will chim in on how to better stok the fish the best way. I Personly did all of mine at once. And did water changes ever day for like week then went every other day For a week then went once a week.
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At first I thought one might be a female and one a male, but I did my homework on them and found out that females have the blue colorations and males have a yellow coloration. I'd like to add these 2 kenyi, 3 yellow labs, 2 acei, and if i can find them 2 Metriaclima Greshakei, Then later get 1 male kenyi

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Originally Posted by andrewr2488 View Post
Ok,yeah they seemed to have a small squable about who gets the driftwood but they've been sharing it now... lol not sure if thats typical of an african cichlid.

Yes thats typical of an african chichlid they are determining who is the dominant fish this does not mean one is female and one is male. The one that is a smidget bigger and has darker stripes will be the dominant. Dominant males have better colours and will grow quicker because they will get more food.

One of them does seem to have darker stripes and is a smidget bigger than the other. I'm sure its too early to tell but maybe one is a male and other is a female.. Either way I'm pretty impressed with their quality being that they came from wal-mart. They had one yellow lab but i'm getting the yellow labs and the acei from petsmart. I'm going to set up the 50g wednesday and let it run til friday, then could I add these 2 fish or is it too early? I'd like to get all my fish within a weeks time if possible.
theres no point just letting the tank run with nothing in it other than for dust and other debris to settle. No ammonia = no cycle = same as putting fish in straight away

For my cycling process, Would adding 2 Pseudotropheus Lombardoi, 3 Labidochromis Caeruleus, and 2 Pseudotropheus Acei be too many fish for my 50g tank cycle? If so how many should I add being that I already have the P. Lombardoi.
I dont know if your new to fish keeping and im not trying to be rude it may seem that way but i am honestly trying to help so dont take it as being rude.

If you intend on using those fish to cycle your tank it is potentially a disaster waiting to happen. Cycling should ideally be done without fish (read up on fishless cycling). If you are going to cycle with fish (i did when i didn't know any better) get hardy fish African chichlids do need good stable water and aren't as tolerant as other fish.

Personally as you already have those 2 chichlids if they are in a cycled tank i would put the filter that is in that tank along with the other filter that you are going to be using permanently in the 50g as this will help in speeding up the cycling process. Then once the 50g is cycled (meaning no ammonia or nitrite at all) leave it a week and then add 1-2 fish a week so as not to cause another mini cycle.

fish prices are normally pretty stable and wont change over the course of a couple of weeks so there is no benefit in going out and buying 7 fish in on hit and putting them in the tank it will only cause problems. I hope this helps again i don't mean to be rude and i check this forum pretty often so if something needs clarification just ask. Also try and add the most aggressive fish last as this will cause less problems.
Cheers Zac
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Originally Posted by mollies View Post
This is a new tank. with new every thing corect? If you have another tank you could take some of the gravel and put it in pantyhoes. Then in the tank it will help speed up the cycle. I would just put the fish in if there that small with out over feeding them. and test your water every day for the first 10 days. Do a 25 percent water change every other day for 2 weeks. Then go to once a week with a gravel vac every other week. Your fry is what you will be getting if only 1.5 inchs, will be able to go throw the cycle pretty easy.
Also as stated fry go thro a cycle a lot better then adult fish. You can do a fish cycle with the fish you have. Along with what Geo said add the filter from your other tank to the 50 It will speed up the cycle Make sure you follow your amonia and nitrates every day for until they read 0. You will want to test every day. So you will want a liquid test kit, not the test strips.
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One thing with the egg spots................Both males and females will have egg spots.............generally the males have more and are a deeper color, but using egg spots to determine sex is not a good source to use.........Some of the african species can be all but impossible to determine sex until they reach maturity...............Fortunately, the Pseudotropheus lombardoi is NOT one of those species........
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Well I'm somewhat new to the hobby, I did have tanks when I was 8 or 9 but nothing serious. I'm just trying to soak up as much info as possible, I probably do say alot of things that don't make since to most people but I'm just trying to figure everything out. I set up a 29g tank using about 25 lbs of the gravel I'll be using in my 50g tank. Maybe that will give me a small head start on the cycle?? I don't know really.. I'm running my filter in the 29g tank to get my bio-wheel started a little bit early. I already have the 2 kenyi so if possible i'd like to cycle the tank with them in, please lmk what I can do.
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You will be fine with what i stated above
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So you're saying that I can add the 2 kenyi, 2 acei, and 3 labs at once? they're all small sized fish, biggest being the kenyi atm. If thats possible I'd assume adding the 3 labs the 1st day, then maybe 2nd day add kenyi, then 3rd day add the acei? I plan to try and find 2 greshakei if possible so I'll see what happens.
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Ok I just tested my water in the 10g cichlid holding tank.


Is that bad? I'm going to be doing a pwc tonight.
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Yes you will indeed want do the water change on your ten gallon...........Your nitrites should be 0 and ammonia. You should go with all the fish the same day or just 3 fish. Then wait 2 weeks later 2 more, then 2 weeks later 2 more and so on.......... That way you dont over load your tank bio proces. You will want to do your water changes every day untill you are reading zero on ammon, nitrites, with no gravel vac. After that you will want to do Every other day for a week, then go to a once a week water change with your gravle vac every other water change.

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