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my 29 has become something of a grow out tank just for everything else in my house lol its often overstocked, but like i said most of the fish are juvies. Currently i have 4 (1m 3f) yellow wag swords, 3 orange swords, 2 flame dwarf gourami, 2 opaline gourami, 2 german blue rams and 2 bolivian rams. If I had my druthers id keep the 4 rams, the dwarf gouramis, and 1 set of the swordtails. thats a happy tank. and believe it or not the german blues and bolivians get along so well i might just keep them together lol

im just saying :) im a big cichlid fan, id stick with soem dwarfs and then other types of fish to fill it out

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My tank is a 29 gallon like yours, I have 13 kribensis, 7 albino tiger barbs, 3 swordtails, 3 ottos, and I am possibly adding some apistogramma cacatuoides or agasizzi ( although I will remove 10 kribs before I do that :)) I find if you aquascape well, they don't need a large territory. My kribs territory is small because there are boundaries made by rocks and plants, so there is a whole other side of the tank for more fish. They are really good fish. BTW my two females were living peacefully with the angels, but when I added the male, they paired off, had fry and killed the angels :(
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a buddy of mine had a totally docile pair of kribs, mated. they kept to themselves for the most part, and only got rough if a fish wandered into their little area of their 180g tank. A ghost knife killed the female and the male went nuts and just started slaying fish two and three times his size! i adopted him and put him in my 110g tank and he was as sweet and personable as can be lol kribs are some funny fish! my point being, i would get a few kribs of all one sex, or JUST one mated pair. i love them, but in my limited experience with them, id be afraid of letting them pair off in a community tank unless it was huge. just my .02

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good words of advice everyone, thanks for your input.


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I don't think I'd do mbuna in a 29g. Sure, there are plenty that would technically fit in a tank that size, but the thing with mbuna is that it's all about sex ratios and a tank that small doesn't really give you room to set those up correctly. You could keep a single fish, but what's the point in keeping a single mbuna?

The dwarf cichlids are a good option as you could safely build a community around them. You could also try solitary specimens of some of the meaner American cichlids or possibly pairs, such as convicts or salvinis.

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