125Gallon tank questions
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125Gallon tank questions

This is a discussion on 125Gallon tank questions within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hi, This is my first post here and i am new to the fish keeping hobby. I have a 125G 6Ft tank with a ...

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125Gallon tank questions
Old 05-23-2009, 10:22 PM   #1
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125Gallon tank questions

Hi, This is my first post here and i am new to the fish keeping hobby.

I have a 125G 6Ft tank with a oak stand and top. I have it sitting in my apartment(which is a upstairs apartment). Being that my apartment is upstairs, think its OK to get this tank started? Or will it be 2 heavy. All my apartment manage says is no water beds queen size and up.

Second question i have a Oscar/Red devil/green terror/jaguar/flower horn. They are all less then 5"(oscar is 7 though) Their 60g tank is very over stocked. I have to do water changes weekly and my flowerhorn seems to be getting stressed out and has some form of bacteria. Do you think in the 125 they will be ok? Or when the fish are fully grown will the tank still end up over stocked.

Sorry about bad grammar

Thanks for your time,
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Old 05-23-2009, 11:29 PM   #2
hi and welcom to the fourm.
depending on how much gravel/sand and decore(rock,slate,driftwood,ect.) your tank set up is going to weigh about 1200 - 1400 lbs. so you might want to check with your manger.
i really like your choice in fish, but IMO even your 125 is going to be overstocked. all of your fish are going to get to be well over 12 inches (gt maybe in the 10 -12 in range) and you'll most likely run into territoral issues and you'll be doing massive water changes at least twice a week of at least 75-80% to keep up with the bioload.
i have a 125 myself that has 2 - 10" albino O's, 1 - 8" tigar O, 1- 7" jack dempsey, 1 - 6" & 1 -11" pleco. i'm doing 2 big water changes (80%) a week just to keep the nitrates between 10 and 15. i'm looking into getting another tank and splitting these guys up.
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Old 05-24-2009, 10:40 AM   #3
you have to make sure that you put your tank on a very stable and sturdy part of the apartment. per gallon of water will add 8 pounds to the weight of your tank and stand, add to this the ornaments and the fishes. make sure that the part where you'll put your tank is balanced - and yes talk to your manager. :)

with your fishes, i guess in time when they mature, your tank will become overstocked as they grow bigger. you have quite aggressive fishes there and they will become territorial.

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Old 05-26-2009, 09:11 PM   #4
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Definitely check with your manager. I would suspect that the rule against large waterbeds is more due to their potential for leaking than their weight, but it's better safe than sorry.

If you had absolutely zero aggression issues, massive amounts of filtration and did water changes twice a week or more, then this might work out long term. However, odds are that you're going to get aggression problems as you've got a tank full of very mean fish. The green terror should be alright by himself in a 60 (possibly with some tankmates like giant danios) but then you'd have to weed through the other fish for the 125.
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Old 05-27-2009, 08:42 PM   #5
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Thanks everyone. I went and filled up the tank everything is working fine. I put the Red devil in it to start the cycle.

So I'm thinking about which of my 5 cichlids (Oscar,Red devil,green terror,flower horn,jag) im going to keep in the 125. I also have a 30g with a 2-3" EB Jack Dempsy (friend knows a breeder got it for 20$ YAY). Im gonna have a 70G overtank Fluval and a 160G Canister/heater combo. So i dont think filteration will be much of a problem.

The Red Devil is probally the first one to go becuase he seems to be the most agressive of the bunch. Ill try to keep 4 of them together then possibly add the EBJD in later and remove the most agressive of the others. Hopfully ill be ok becuase Im having to give the Red Devil away. MY wife has her hearts set on starting a salt water(im scared to)with the 60Gallon.

What do u guys think about it?

So anyone want a Red Devil. lol. 2 of my local pet stores will take it tho.
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Old 06-01-2009, 02:46 AM   #6
you have to check the bearers of the weight to be 100% sure whether the floor will hold. i have a 125 gallon tank in my bedroom but the only reason i feel comfortable is because my dad is a carpenter and he checked the joists under the floor before we took the tank upstairs (such a pain in the a** to get it up there LOL) but its been fine even if i do get a bit paranoid of what would happen if one day termites ate through the wood ROFL not likely but imagine the damage
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