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120g Mbuna stocking list

I am in the planning stages of a 120g Mbuna tank and currently have 6 Metriaclima estherae (1 yr old) I may start with because they are outgrowing my 75g.

If so, can I add:

Metriaclima Blue Dolphin
Metriaclima pyrsonotos Nakantenga
Metriaclima pyrsonotos Nakantenga "Red Top Classic"

Since they all are blue barred fish and look nothing like the M. estherae?

Also would like to add three of the following:

Pseudotropheus elongatus Chewere
Pseudotropheus saulosi
Pseudotropheus cyanerohabdos Maingano (hortizontal stripes)
Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Mpanga"
Labidiochromis "Hongi"
Labdiochromis Caeruleus yellow Labs

Tropheops "Elongatus Boadzulu" Mazinzi

Any ideas on what would work the best and the numbers of each? That would make 5 species.
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I've found that colors aside metriaclima species tend to recognize each other. However that doesn't mean they'll not get along.

I think the Metriaclima pyrsonotos Nakantenga "Red Top Classic" would be a pretty addition. I have the same and while he fin shakes a bit at my estherae they generally respect each other.

The Labidiochromis sp "Hongi" look a lot like the pyrsonotos.. A LOT so I might cross that off..and the yellow labs might not do well in a tank full of metriaclima.. However in 120g they have room to hide..but I never like keeping fish that feel they need to hide to be safe. For whatever reason though I've found my Labdiochromis Caeruleus White labs Tumbi reef to be more full of themselves and I love their blue sheen on the white body.
The maingano would be nice as well .. I think they all would mostly work with the exception of the yellow lab. I don't know.. I hope this helps lol. Or perhaps confused you more? lol
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OK, thanks but I meant:

Metriaclima Blue Dolphin
Metriclima elongatus "Chewere"
Metriaclima pyrsonotos Nakantenga "Red Top Classic"
P. Williamsi north "Blue Lips

and had planned at first making one of the three above as the centerpiece of the tank but heard the Chewere are pretty aggressive and must be kept 1m/78f and that even the females are pretty aggressive.

I'm like you and don't want any fish that has to hide all the time and doesn't feel comfortable.Think I'll stick with the calmer ones. I read Blue Dolphins are very mellow, gental giants but may be too large 6" to 7". However my tank is 120g and wouldn't get too many of those. Other fairly large one I considered are the P. Williamsi north "Blue Lips"or Acei yellow tail. Those look pretty cool too, but large.

Your suggestion of the red top pyrsonotos sounds nice too. But I already have some C. Jalo Reef already in my 75g and these look very similar except one has yellow dorsal fin and the other a red one.

I need something that will ok wih my existing M. estherae (6) a year old and also have some juvie C. cobue (10) I bought a couple of weeks in my 30g hospital tank. Which of the three showcase fish above do you know would go with the ones I already have? So many fish and so few aquariums.
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Could also make P.saulosi or cyanerohabdos Maingano as the centerpiece piece.
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