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What tetras with angelfish?

I'm looking forward to adding about 10-12 tetras to my 55g planted tank. Any recommendations? The tank already has 4 angelfish and I'm wondering what tetras would work well with the angels. Lighting levels are relatively high. I'd prefer the brightest coloration and/or color contrast possible. I'm very interested in the Black neon tetra, the emperor tetra, or what might be recommended here. I'd prefer a species that is not particularly prone to disease...
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I highly recommend the emperors. They are great fish.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Which species of tetra school the most tightly and would work with angelfish (not be fish food)?
I like the Emperor tetras, but the profile indicates they may not be the tightest schooling fish?
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The best characins for angelfish are the 30-odd species in the Rosy Teytra Clade of Hyphessobrycon. Their disk-shape means they are not regarded as food (as any of the smaller linear tetra can be), and they are colourful to contrast nicely with the black/silver of angels. There are several species in our profiles, do a search using the scientific option for names and the Hyphessobrycon species will be together.

My particular favourite in this clade is Hyphessobrycon bentosi, the so-called Robert's Tetra. There really is nothing much more beautiful than two or three males in full display, darkening to a black/wine red, with the extended dorsal fins flared.

As for "schooling," most tetra are loose in their groups. They remain within eye-sight of each other, and those within the Rosy clade have what is believed to be a signalling strategy, the "signal" or "flag" dorsal fin. They need plants, they do not like to be out in the open unless they have cover overhead (floating plants) and around them. Angels need this too, so that's a good match.


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if the angelfish are still little they wont bother the neon tetra but once they are full size they will be mean and eat them.
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Originally Posted by martian123 View Post
if the angelfish are still little they wont bother the neon tetra but once they are full size they will be mean and eat them.
I like to forward plan using adult sizes...
The angels are not full-size yet, but they are getting there, the largest two are a little bigger than the size of the old silver dollars. Eating something smaller than you isn't mean, it's just the way nature works sometimes
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Your mean
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