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You can try driftwood or bogwood to lower the ph a bit but I'm not sure how much use it will be with RO water as I have never used it myself.
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I would say Falina's and Lupin's advice is very good.

I currently have a batch of 14 cardinals and 14 neon tetras in one 80 gal tank tank together with gouramis, angels, cories, ancistruses, and cherry barbs. They all are doing fine. When I was buying the cardinals I actually made the shop assistant pour them back into their tank because I noticed they have ragged fins. Then I came back to the store the next day and asked for all of them no matter how their fins looked! I wanted them so much. I also got a school of neons that day. And they all survived and even their fins healed. They look nice and fat :D and happy about themselves. We are losing one of the neons, however. He apparently has that neon disease - he is crooked! I am afraid we'll get more neons like this!

I guess the cardinals you keep getting come from different environment from yours and they get stressed out and become ill. I would get some bogwood and check the water at the store too. Do not give up!
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cardinals is there a trick to them?

I think yes, a friend of mine basically ignored the tank, it was a small tank with a few real plants, slow filtration they did very well grew big, beautiful, he fed them only every few days at most.
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Originally Posted by MegK
i thought that cardinals were ten times hardier than neons
Your backwards. Neons are hardier and much more common. Cardinals colors are brighter and they're a bit slimmer that neons.

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Yeah, I say get neons. They are very good, and I have not had one of them die yet. They eat well, and in some cases they develop what is called neon tetra disease (ntd), and i had one of my fish develop this, but very very strangely, it went away, came back, and repeated. The fish is now not sick for 2 months. Ntd isnt a big deal for me then, and I like the neon tetras. Why wouldnt you want them?

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I too would be curious as to lfs water parameters. also whether they use UV serilization. How long a trip is it from lfs to your tank? As mentioned bogwood and driftwood can help lower PH be sure and soak or boil the wood to cut down on tannins released. You may wish to try and adjust water in a small tank with a few cardinals and see how they do.Maybe try 60 percent RO and 40 percent tap water. If you achieve some success then you could use that water for water changes. I do hope you have success! :D

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