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tetras bing nipped and dying - advice welcome

Hi, I have been keeping fish now for just over two months with my young son, and was greatly enjoying it, but we have hit a problem.

I had started off with 8 Harlequin rasbaras which have been living happily in the tank. Last week I bought 6 neon tetras on last week, and it has brought nothing but stress. The tetras are being nipped and eaten - not sure if by the rasbaras or the tetras themselves, and I have lost 4 so far - each has had it's tail torn off. It has been a real sad sight - I have found them stuck next to the filter inlet and unable to swim.

So now I have two tetras and seven rasbaras,. and I fully expect the tetras to die off soon as I know they like to be in large numbers. But there is no point in buying new tetras and having the same thing happen - looks like I'll just have to live with the rasbara I have.

Is this normal behaviour? Everything was going well before the tetras came. Should I just replace the tetras ( and if not with tetras then what with?)

I have a37 L tank, by the way
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hey there, thats very sad :( Iim not sure of your setup but perhaps the tank is over stocked? What filter do you have? Is ammonia and such down? Its always a possibility that the fish are stressed causing fin nipping.

Just keep swimming
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Do you have lots of plants and hiding places for the neons? You could be kind to the remaining neon(s) and return them to the store rather than letting them be slaughtered.

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thanks - I do have lots of plants and hiding places for the neons. Unfortunately I can't get to the shop for the next few days, but will see what they suggest
Thanks all
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What size tank?
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The op stated 37 litre tank, so about 10 gallons.

Is your tank cycled? Can you test for ammonia and nitrites and post the numbers here? A cycled tank should have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and some number for nitrates (preferably under 20). It's possible the neons may have been sick or weakened and the rasboras picked at them after they died or when they were close to dying. Many fish will do this being opportunistic creatures.
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