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tetra tank compatibility

So... after reading snail's thread about stuffing a 58g tank full of neons... Ive decided in my 29g im going to keep my school of julii cories, and double my school of glowlights, and probably throw in a school of neons or red serpae tetras for good measure. whats a good 3" or 4" centerpiece fish that can be comfortable in a 29g tank in a pair and wont eat my wee tetras?

i love my blue gouramis and would keep them in the 29 rather than moving them but im afraid if they get any bigger they will eat my tetras :(

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Stick with neons, not serpaes. Pearl gouramis will make good centerpiece fish or get a pair of apistogrammas.

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never heard of em until i looked them up on liveaquaria! that apistogramma is absotively gorgeous :) semi-agressive, but still striking! the pearl gourami is a beautiful fish too.
good call(s) lupin! :D

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I think a pair of rams would work as well. GBRs or Bolivian.
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