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Which Tetra should I put in this tank?

Water is soft and neutral
10g tank
Play sand substrate
Species-only tank

I am really just looking for a school of 6-8 for this 10 gallon. I figured the smaller types of Tetra would be a good choice, but I am very open to other suggestions. My husband wanted his "own" little tank (asking me for help on which fish), so I need a few options for him to choose from so he can feel important. :p Thank you.

Also, he likes the Neons, but I'm afraid they would have that horrible disease, and that would be very sad. ):

You will always be my best friend, .
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If he likes the neons, he should check out green neon tetra, black neon tetra, or glowlight tetra. Rummynose tetra are another favorite of mine, but they are a bit too active to live in a 10 gal tank. If he's not set on tetra, some of the micro rasbora species like mosquito rasbora or dwarf rasbora would work. Really pretty little fish.


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Thank you for the help, once again!

You will always be my best friend, .
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I would not put black neons in a 10 - they are larger than actual neons and significantly more active.

For a school in a 10 I would only look at nano fish - embers tetras or fire rasboras - fish that won't get much more than an inch long. A 10 is as small as it gets for a school of fish, so the fish need to be equally small.

BTW, just about all fish a sucseptible to neon tetra disease.

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I agree, stay with "dwarf" type fish. Most of the normal tetra require more space and larger groups than a 10g can accommodate adequately (in consideration of the fish). Ember Tetra was mentioned. There is another suitable, and that is the false or green neon tetra, the only one of the three "neon" species suited. Then there are the rasbora dwarfs in Boraras (Boraras maculatus and Boraras brigittae are in our profiles, there are 4 others), the Celestial Pearl Danio perhaps, and a few others in the Cyprinids. For substrate, Corydoras pygmaeus or Corydoras hastatus, with any of the afore-mentioned.


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I kept 8 Glowlights in a 10g when I first really got into fish keeping. They aren't really that active and stay fairly small (1.3" max), I have 15 in my 55g and they spend most of the day just taking it easy. They will school around and males will have squabbles sometimes, but really they can do in a 10g. I do think that nano fish would be cool though.
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