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Hmm...I might reconsider how I do my water changes. I always have to be very careful about spilling water on my wood flooring and usually extra time is spent cleaning up little spills, as well as my tank is in my upstairs which only has a sink to use for the water and I have to siphon from the sink into the buckets, which takes extra time. Using a hose connection sounds much easier and faster, even for my small tank
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The one thing I am really careful about when using the hose is the temperature. I have a digital thermometer that I hold in the faucet water to see what the temp is. I find the easiest way is to open the faucet up for a few minutes first, let it run. Then I put a glass or a cup under the water stream. Then the thermometer goes into the cup. It usually takes about 30 seconds for the temp to stabilize. Then I adjust colder or warmer in SMALL increments. When I am within one to two degrees, I go with it. I also have a 20 gallon tank and only use the hose for the major water changes.
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i would just like to say that IN MY HONEST OPINION , silver tip tetra have to be the most nasty fish in the tetra family , i work in a pet shop and enjoy and take care in my work, i would never dream of putting any other fish in with these ...but i hope your will be ok


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Really?????? I've found them to be quite easy going, if active, in my aquarium. I've got several real plants and some stone structure on the bottom with some fake driftwood pieces. I have one dominant male st that likes to swim mid/high tank for about two thirds the tank. but the other five, three more male, two female, seem to be quite ok with it. They are quite active in that they will chase each other around the tank a couple times daily. But with all the plants and other structures, they tend to lose or outrace each other. When started, by water changes, new fish being added or sometimes the vacuum cleaner, they all bunch up in a group with the dominant male swimming in the lead. At night, they tend to gather in a group also. I have a lone betta in there as well as about 12 red cherry shrimp. The st's have never chased then or tried to nip at them. All in all, I find the st's to be a fun, fairly active fish to have.
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I've read mixed reviews on them - some say that they're fine in a larger group, others swear they are fin nippers. I think they're great looking little fish, but hesitated to get any due to what I read. Are you adding more fish in there, or are they the main feature so to speak? Maybe it won't be an issue if they're the main school. Maybe partly depends on the size of the group, the setup of the tank, etc. too?
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Yeah - I read up on them also. All I can say is that they have left my betta alone. Actually, my betta might shoo them away if they get in his face. But they are so much quicker then the betta that they don't seem to take her seriously!!! LOL I wanted to start with a group of 8, but the store only had six lerft, which is the minimum I've heard recommended. I would like to add 3-4 more slightly larger fish. I was thinking the American Flag Fish, but non of the local stores carry them, and I'm not totally sold on them enough to have them order them in for me. I'm looking now at what they do stock to see if I find a fit.

I think the fin nipping might come from them chasing each other. However, I keep a close eye on them and have seen no evidence of nipping.
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