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Silver Dollars LOVE this food!

I have about 30 fish in my tank, and when I throw in a few Spirulina Discs, many of the fish sniff it then ignore it, but the Solver Dollars excitedly grab it and suck on it for several minutes until it is all gone. Just an idea if you've got Silver Dollars. :D

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Silver dollars are heribvores unlike their cousins the pirhana. This is one of the reasons that plants don't do well in a tank occupied by them. Feeding spirulina flakes or pellets will usually cause a feeding frenzy with them too.
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Silver dollars are heribvores ... This is one of the reasons that plants don't do well in a tank occupied by them.

I wonder if a grass like plant that completely covers the substrate and grows 6" - 8" tall would survive a regular trimming by a school of Silver Dollars.

I would think that the fish would mow the grass down [much like a lawn mower does a lawn], but the fish would stop short of tearing it out of the substrate - especially if they are fed with regularity.

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I'm sure your SD's would also quite enjoy some zucchini or romaine lettuce as well.
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silver dollars

Thanks for the info :)
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I have silver dollars as well. When you put lettuce or zuccinni in, do I have to do anything to it first or can I just slice it and put it in the tank?
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Floating spirulina flakes are also great for Silver Dollars, especially younger ones who can't fit the larger algae wafers in their mouths.
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