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Unhappy A sad story T_T

In my 46 gallon tank, I had 2 corydoras, 1 aspidoras, 5 cardinal tetras, 3 black neon tetras, 2 marbled hatchetfish, and 2 silver hatchetfish. Well, one day, all the cardinals disappeared. Then a marbled hatchet fish died. Next thing I knew, the silver hatchetfish died too! What was this? I think it was a characin specific disease, because my catfish are still doing fine. Intriguingly, when inspecting the disaster, I saw a red cherry shrimp! Originally, they had been attacked by my black neon tetras and I thought there were no more. Right now, there are the catfish, the shrimp, some zebra nerite snails, and a marbled hatchetfish in the tank. What should I do? I'm planning on waiting a month before adding any characins back. Is this a good idea? I had had all the fish except for the black neon tetras for several months, and the black neon tetras had been there for about three years.

I might add a few catfish if it's okay. I do not plan on re-introducing any silver hatchetfish or black neon tetras.

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To have that many fish die within a few days (I'm assuming it was a few days) indicates either a parasite or a drastic change in the water conditions. Did you check pH, temperature before and after, and was there any change? Did the fish show any symptoms or behavioural change before they died? I wuld caution against adding any new fish until the problem was identified.
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It might be that one of teh fish has a disease and it spread to the others. I suggest you get a fish(just 1 type) add it in, and if other fish die the one you add in had a disease. I know that many pet stores dont care if teh fish has a disease as long as they sell it and the warranty is over.
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Wait... what? Your solution to his problem is to buy a fish, don't quarantine it, and see if the rest of his fish die to find out if the fish you just bought had a disease? What possible use could that be?

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there is something called 'Neon Tetra Disease.' although i dont know much about it.


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