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Red Minor Tetras

I just bought 4 of these guys. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or anything about them. The one thing I wanted to know was, what should the minimum amount of them be for a school? Sometimes I hear that having an odd number is best because then they can't pair off, but I also hear that is a myth. Any tips would be great. Thanks.
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I hear you should have at least 6 tetras. that odd number stuff is myth

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All of the characins that are regularly maintained in aquaria are shoaling fish in nature and should therefore be kept in groups of their own species. The number is somewhat determined by your tank size. In my experience, the more the better--but 20 red minors in a 10g tank is not recomended. So a minimum of 6 is usually the recommendation, but if you have a 20g you could increase that to 9 or 10, of course depending upon how many other fish there are. As an earlier post said, it is much better to have more of one species than one or two of several species. This always leads to more interesting behaviour by the fish, and that is because it is their nature. Fish will always be healthier and therefore happier when maintained in close proximity to their natural evolutionary makeup.

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Ok thanks for clearing that up guys. I have a large tank,120 gal, but I wanted to keep their group to a minimum size, but large enough where they are happy. I'm going to get 2 more today so they have a group of 6. Thanks for all of the help.
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I have another question about these things. Will they eventually become food if they are in the same tank as a Bala Shark? I know the rule, "if it can fit in their mouth, they will eat it" I just wanted to know if these somehow could be an exception. Thanks.
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