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Questions About Replacing Dead Tetras

Two days ago I purchased 6 Glowlight Tetras for a new, fully cycled 10 gallon setup (I am not going to go into all of the details here, but the cycle is established and ready for fish). My tank had 5 small plants and 1 male Platy (see tank details below).

I watched the potential fish for about twenty minutes at the store. There was a group of 8 active Glowlights shoaling wonderfully and then a seemingly separate shoal of 5 Glowlights on the other side of the tank that seemed less tight. All seemed healthy as were the other fish in the tank. As my tank is only a 10 gallon, I took 6 smaller Glowlights from the shoal of 8. I wished I could have taken all all 8, but did not want to add so many at once.

Three hours after acclimating for 75 minutes (15 minutes floating the bag for temperature, 60 minutes of slowly adding water to the bag), one of the fish had died. The next day, another one died. Not so surprising as two of the six seemed more stressed after the move. The dead had no visible blemishes or indications of disease.

The remaining four seem very healthy, are eating actively and are impressively staying in a tight shoal. That said, I am not sure I want to replace from the same stock where only 66.7% survived.

Here are my questions to those of you with experience with shoaling/schooling tetras:

(1) Have you found tetras of the same species will readily shoal if they come from different sources (different pet stores, breeders, etc.)?

(2) Has anyone had success in a small tank with tetras continuing to shoal well in low numbers (like the 4 I have)?

(3) Is my best bet to go to the same pet store where I bought the originals and add more Glowlights to the group?

Thank you all for your help. Any advice on Glowlight tetras is welcome.


Levels Today:
pH 6.8
Ammonia 0.0
Nitrite 0.0
Nitrate 0.0
Using the API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Standard 10 Gallon Tank
Aqueon Deluxe Full Hood, 20" (with 18", 15W, T8 Full Spectrum Bulb)
Top Fin Aquarium Power Filter 20 (with 8 added Cobalt Aquatics Ceramic Rings)
Aqueon Submersible 50 Watt Heater
Top Fin Air-1000 Air Pump (with small air stone)

2 small Anubias Nana attached to a piece of driftwood
1 small Java Fern attached to a suction cup along the tank side
2 small Hornwort attached to a suction cup along the tank back

1 male Platy
4 Glowlight Tetras

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I have not gotten a reply here which is fine since this was a very specific question. As I have experimented on my own with my questions, I am going to update this thread with the experience in case someone searches this topic in the future.

I noticed that the 4 Glowlight Tetras did seem to maintain their shoal very well in a small group, but decided I would go to a different pet store and see if I could add 4 new Glowlight Tetras. I did find some and they all shoaled well in the store tank. I this case, they had been there about three months (the original Glowlight Tetras I bought from the other pet store had only been in stock for five days). The color in the new ones was a little more faded which was okay. I felt it was more reassuring that they had survived for a good while. It may be that they get better color in our tank where the conditions are probably better than the pet store. There were no visible blemishes or ailments. There was a group of 8 active and I took 4 smaller.

The Glowlight Tetras took about an hour or so to establish a hierarchy. At first, two of the new ones were relentlessly pestering a male from the first batch. There was some general chasing and darting, but definitely no nipping or attacking. Now all eight seem to be shoaling together fine.

It has been two days and they are clearly fine. The tank is very peaceful. They are often all together in the same general area. Sometimes they break off into two smaller groups and I notice that there are often a mixture from each batch of stock in each group which is pretty cool. It ended up being a good thing that the second batch of Tetras had a more faded color as it was easy to tell them apart and notice how the two groups intermingled.

This is only one example obviously and it may be too early to be certain, but I would say overall I am very satisfied that the same species from different sources integrated and shoal successfully.
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Good to hear you had this success!

I've also found adding from different sources is not an issue, like shoal with like.

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It would be cool if you could get some video of them shoaling together. Great Pics though
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Shoaling Video

Shoaling Glowlight Tetras - YouTube

Thanks. They are all shoaling very well together. The second group has quickly become more colorful and already I can barely tell them apart from the originals. They are funny, they group together tight, then they slowly spread out as much as 8-10 inches apart or in small groups, then come right back together. Sometimes it is very fluid and rhythmic. They must love our soft tap water.

6.8 pH
2 KH
2 GH

0 Ammonia
0 Nitrite
0 Nitrate

78* F

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