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I was in local fish store the other day and the owner asked if i had seen the red phantom tetras. I have some black phantoms and the ones he was calling red phantoms looked similar to the black phantoms and also similar to the photos that OP posted at beginning.

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Originally Posted by Fishin Pole View Post
I just purcased 5 tetras with the designated name of HY-511..........Probably the same species as what you got.....Mine dont have as much black in there dorsal fins, though........I only have had them in my tank one day, but they seem to be getting along with all my other fish.....(Tetras and rasboras).......Seem to be very healthy eaters for me and i havent seen them bothering my cherry shrimp........Good luck with your new addition!

Hey Fishin Pole, yeah i believe we have the same, i left the Y out when i posted. I have 3 of them and they are great! They seem to be pretty hardy too, cuz they survived the ich we had going on in my tank .I've had them for about 4 weeks now and they get along great with all my other fish, i have 3 tiger barbs, 4 fruit tetras, 1 male dwarf guorami and 2 pictus catfish, so far its one big happy family in there. Mine are healthy eaters as well. We lost a swordtail a couple of days ago, she was sick and i think they all had some kind of part in her disapearance, my 6 yr old son interogated them one by one but they ain't talking

I've looked around for some info but nothing more than what we know already. The guy at my LFS said they were a cross with a serpae and something else, thats the part we dont know.

Good luck with yours as well!
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Well, i must of jinx myself cuz we lost one last night
We had a power outage the night before, we were out of power for about 4 hours, the temp drop from 81 to 75 in less than 3 hrs, it was freezing inside our house. Maybe that stress him out a bit, he had no signs of anything else going on, plus hes been eating fine. We'll miss him
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Well that stinks!...........sorry to hear you lost one of them last night......After a little research on this species, i really dont know anything new, except alot of places are making up there own names for these guys.........Trying to identify a species is hard enough sometimes, but now you have breeders and LFS's assigning names to these fish that tends to be misleading.........The new tank im setting up is probably gonna include a small school of these guys........Move the ones from the tank there in now and add maybe 5 more...........There temperment is definitely better than the serpaes i used to have
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I think this fish is actually Hyphessobrycon rosaceus, "Rosy Tetra", and the photo in squidward's original post is a male. H. rosaceus is similar to H. bentosi, but lacks the dark shoulder patch of the latter. Males have the longer and pointed dorsal with a hint of white and in general are a bit brighter in colour, and females have a shorter blunt dorsal with more white along the margin. They are very peaceful but must be kept in a school of at least six, preferably more; in such situations you will be constantly entertained by their displays, similar to the Black Phantom. A very ready spawner when comfortable in their surroundings.
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The dorsal fin doesnt look like it comes from a tetra
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Originally Posted by Jai ullu View Post
The dorsal fin doesnt look like it comes from a tetra
There are several species of Hyphessobrycon with this dorsal in the males, particularly the H. bentosi group, and some of the Megalamphodus species are similar or identical.

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